Yuyyu application works with credit system. When you first sign up for Yuyyu Online Dating app, you get 100 credits. Get the opportunity to meet new people thanks to Yuyyu credits.

What to do with Yuyyu credits?

When you like someone in Yuyyu application, it will be enough to swipe right. Takes 1 Yuyyu credit from you for each person you like. If the person you like likes you, you will be matched.

Yuyyu-Like-MeetNew People

If you want to send a message without waiting for a match, you have to use the Super Like button or swipe up on the profile card. Each super like takes away 10 Yuyyu credits from you.

Yuyyu-Super Like-Meet New People

If you want to send a photo while texting after you’ve matched with someone, each photo costs 15 credits. If you do not want to pay for the photo, you will not pay this fee by buying a premium and you can send as many photos as you want. You have the opportunity to send credits to the people you love. If your credit runs out, you can buy one of the Yuyyu credit packages prepared for every budget from the market section and continue to match.

Yuyyu-Credit system-package

How to earn Yuyyu credits?

Yuyyu-Survey-Earn Credits

There are also several ways to earn Yuyyu credits. One of them is to register your friends to the Yuyyu application with the invite link so that both you and the person you invite will earn 60 Yuyyu credits. Another way to earn Yuyyu credits is to answer the award-winning survey questions published by the Yuyyu application. So you can earn credits.

Yuyyu-Invite your friends- Earn credits

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