Welcome to the Yuyyu community. We have some community guidelines to keep Yuyyu peaceful and safe. Rules must be followed to maintain peace. If you do not follow the rules and disturb the peace of the community, you will be suspended indefinitely. To make Yuyyu a more beautiful place and keep the peace, our team is checking the app 24/7. Everyone has equal rights in Yuyyu. You can express yourself freely as long as you don’t offend others. We ask that you be understanding, think twice before doing anything, and follow the Community Guidelines.

Love is needed for a better world

Community Rules apply to everyone and those who do not follow the rules will be blocked indefinitely, without exception. We do not allow you to disturb Yuyyu users. Below is a list of community guidelines.

Nudity/Sexual Content

Do not upload nudity or obscene photos to your profile. Keep your profile clean. Be polite when messaging users and don’t bother them with sexually explicit photos.


Do not harass other users. Do not show disrespectful behavior towards the people you are matched with. Do not send sexual content without asking the other party. Avoid harassment, threats, and bullying.

Violence and Physical Harm

Photos of violence, brutality, or blood are not allowed. We cannot allow threats, incitement to violence, or similar situations. Physical assault, coercion, or any other behavior is strictly prohibited. Any act of suicide or self-harm is not allowed. In these cases, the user should be blocked and reported immediately.

Hate Speech

Do not send hateful, reactionary messages or photos to people based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, language, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Special information

Do not post private information about yourself or anyone else. For your safety, do not share your identity information, passport information, passwords, financial information, or private information such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or home addresses.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking

Commercial sexual services, human trafficking, or incitement to non-consensual sexual acts are prohibited.


Yuyyu does not allow any fraud. Attempts to use other users’ personal information for fraudulent or illegal activities are prohibited. Users who shared their financial account information to get money from other users would be banned from the app.

Imitating People

Do not include your profile photo with anyone other than yourself. Do not use a photo of any person or organization. Don’t use photos of famous people, be yourself.


Yuyyu is for users 18 years and older. You must be of legal age to use the Yuyyu application. Do not add a child photo to your profile photo. Please let me know immediately if you come across such a profile.

Illegal Use

Yuyyu doesn’t do anything illegal. It is also prohibited in the Yuyyu app, which is prohibited in real life.

Multiple Accounts

Your Yuyyu account is solely yours. It cannot belong to more than one person. Therefore, do not create an account with your friends, and do not create multiple accounts for yourself.

REPORT bad behavior that doesn't follow the rules or bothers you

You can help Yuyyu become a more beautiful and peaceful environment. If you see anyone breaking the rules, please report it immediately. Your complaint will be kept confidential. To make a complaint, you need to click on the profile of the person you want to report and then click on the “Report and Block” button. If you explain the circumstances of your complaint, it will help us find the problem more easily and quickly and remove the person from the app. Also, if you are messaging with the person, you can report the person by clicking Options in the chat window and selecting Report and Block. As Yuyyu team, we are with you 24/7.

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