Yuyyu Membership Agreement

Dear Visitor,
The following is the text of the membership agreement between Yuyyu and the Yuyyu member. Before becoming a member of Yuyyu, please read this agreement carefully and do not complete your membership to the site/application without confirming all the articles contained in the agreement. During the new subscription, you will see a box saying that you have read this text; Checking this box will mean that you accept all of the items below.


This contract has been drawn up between RISETIME TEKNOLOJİ YAZILIM REKLAM EĞİTİM VE DANIŞMANLIK LIMITED ŞİRKETİ (“Yuyyu”) and the member (“Member”), concluded at the time of its approval by the member in the electronic environment, and entered into force mutually.


Site: The website is published at app.Yuyyu.com.

Apps: Android and iOS mobile apps are available for download in mobile app stores.

Member: Filled out the form on app.Yuyyu.com or in the applications, “I have read and accept the Membership Agreement.” The person who ticked the box at the beginning of the phrase and completed the membership process by clicking the “Register” button.

Standard Membership: It is created by the member by entering the information in the profile field to be used in Yuyyu (general information, physical characteristics, interests, lifestyle, culture, art, etc.) To ensure the quality of the site and the peace of the members at the highest level, to eliminate the members who want to abuse the application, and also in line with the criteria specified herein, there is a limited Yuyyu Credit right that differs within the gender group in line with the specified criteria. app.Yuyyu.com is a form of membership.

Premium Membership: A subscription form subject to fees over the prices specified on the site by app.Yuyyu.com, which gives unlimited right to use the applications specified in Yuyyu standard membership and is subject to certain limits. It is possible to purchase this membership package with a credit card, money order, mobile payment, and mobile phone applications’ own purchasing methods.

Yuyyu Credit: Yuyyu feature that Yuyyu members can get for the fees determined on the site and that allows the purchasing member to benefit from some privileges (being featured on the Leaderboard, prioritizing messages, etc.), can be purchased individually or given as a gift with the Premium membership package.

Member profile: Member-specific interactive area that can be viewed by other members, consisting of information such as Membership Information, General Information, Physical Characteristics, Style/Life, Culture and Art, and photos added by the member himself, created with the information provided by the member himself at app.Yuyyu.com.


The subject of this agreement is the determination of the services offered on the Site and through the Yuyyu applications purchased through the application and download and purchase platforms, the terms of benefiting from these services, and the rights and obligations of the parties. By accepting the terms of this agreement, the member also accepts all kinds of statements made by Yuyyu regarding the usage, membership, and services in the site and applications. The member accepts, declares, and undertakes to act in accordance with all matters stated in the aforementioned statements.


4.1. The Member shall comply with all the conditions in this agreement, the rules specified in the relevant parts of the Site, and all applicable legislation, while using the services of the Site and performing any transactions related to the services of the Site, during the membership period. and accepts, declares, and undertakes that he/she understands and approves the rules.

4.2. In order to become a member of the Site and the services offered on the Site, it is necessary to be a natural person over the age of 18 and to fill out the Member Form on the Site. Yuyyu may make the applicant benefit from membership rights as a result of the evaluation, as well as the right to reject the application without giving any reason. By approving this Membership Agreement, the Member undertakes that he/she is over the age of 18. The fact that persons who do not meet this condition have completed the membership registration process and approved this agreement will not result in membership. The membership of a Member who is under the age of 18 or who is found to be inconsistent with the information provided will be canceled. The site does not take any responsibility for the wrong statement given by the member.

4.3. The acceptance by Yuyyu of the profile prepared by the member within the scope of standard membership is subject to the following conditions:

4.3.1. Profiles cannot contain personal information (either directly or indirectly) such as e-mail address, web address, or phone number.

4.3.2. The fields in the profiles where the user describes himself or the person he is looking for should be detailed, clear, and truthful.

4.3.3. In the profiles, in the areas where the user describes himself or the person he is calling, insulting, sexist or racist expressions in any form cannot be used. Profile pages are open to all our members.

4.3.4. Those who want to use a language other than Turkish or English in their profiles must keep it limited to a few sentences.

4.3.5. Any political opinion, religion, etc. cannot be propagated.

4.3.6. Profiles cannot contain information that will constitute a crime, require legal follow-up, or illegal information.

4.4. While becoming a member of Yuyyu, the e-mail address provided by the Member must be an active e-mail address belonging to the member. In all correspondence related to membership, the e-mail address given while becoming a member of Yuyyu is taken as a basis and this address is used. Yuyyu accepts that the given e-mail is correct and acts accordingly. Yuyyu is not responsible for errors and damages that may occur due to false and falsely declared e-mails.

4.5. In cases where Yuyyu is obliged to make a statement to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force, the member will be authorized to disclose the confidential/private/commercial information of the members to the official authorities, if this information is duly requested by the official authorities, accepts and undertakes that no compensation can be claimed under any circumstances.

4.6. The security, storage, keeping away from the information of third parties, and use of the means of access to the system (username, password, etc.) used by the members in order to benefit from the services offered by Yuyyu through the site are the sole responsibility of the members. Every transaction performed with the User’s username and password will be deemed to have been carried out by the Member himself. Yuyyu does not have any direct or indirect responsibility for any damages incurred or to be incurred by members and/or third parties due to all negligence and faults in matters such as security, storage, keeping third parties away from the information of third parties, use of the means of accessing the system.

4.7. The username chosen by the member while becoming a member of Yuyyu is unique to the member and cannot be used by another member. If the user name that the member wants to use is used by another member, the member will be asked to choose another username. The username obtained during membership cannot be changed later. The member is responsible for protecting his username and password. Yuyyu does not accept any responsibility in case of non-compliance with this obligation.

4.8. Members accept and undertake that the information and content provided by them to the relevant sections and member profiles on the site are correct and in compliance with the law. Yuyyu, to investigate the accuracy of the information and content transmitted by the members to the site or uploaded, changed, and provided by them in the creation and modification of member profiles; It is not liable and responsible for undertaking and guaranteeing that this information and content is safe, accurate, in accordance with the provisions of this contract and the law, and any material that may arise due to incorrect or inaccurate information and content and/or referrals to other websites through these contents. cannot be held responsible for moral damage.

4.9. Since the member profile is open to all members, it is the member’s responsibility not to provide private information (mobile phone, home address, etc.) in this area. Members with personal contact information in Yuyyu’s member profile have the right to cancel their membership. The information in the member profile can be seen by all other members of the site and the member cannot request that this information not be displayed. Preventing the information in the member profile from being displayed can only be done by canceling the membership. Yuyyu will not be responsible for any damages that may arise due to this reason.

4.10. Members cannot transfer this agreement or its rights and obligations, member profiles, or member information, partially or completely, to any third party without Yuyyu’s written approval; Membership cannot be made available to anyone other than the member himself. Yuyyu cannot be held responsible in any way, directly and/or indirectly, for any damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties as a result of such transfers or unauthorized uses. The membership of the member who is found to have used or transferred his membership to someone else is canceled.

4.11. The legal and criminal responsibility of the members in every transaction and action they make on the site, including the private messaging between themselves through the site, belongs to them. Yuyyu does not accept any responsibility for the messages sent by the members to each other. For this reason, the right of recourse to the member is reserved against any damage that Yuyyu may incur.

4.12. If the total number of messages and system records in the Yuyyu message center excee the limits specified on the relevant page, the messages and system records of the members can be deleted starting with the oldest date. All messages of members who have not logged into the system for a month can be deleted. The member accepts this in advance.

4.13. The Member shall not receive any information, software or other material from the owner or other material that violates the privacy or broadcasting rights of another member or third party is protected by copyright, trademark rights, or other proprietary rights, or is adapted from materials that fall within these described classes. or post or transmit it without the permission of the holder of the rights. In such a case, although Yuyyu has no responsibility, the right of recourse to the member is reserved against any damages that Yuyyu may incur.

4.14. The member will constitute a crime, require legal follow-up; post any unlawful, threatening, harassing, insulting, profane, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, offensive or immoral information of any kind, that creates or encourages a situation contrary to local or national laws or international agreements, cannot transmit or send messages. Private messages can be scanned with automatic programs or can be reviewed upon the complaint of the Members who have been sent the message. As a result of this automatic scan or after the complaint, if deemed necessary, the member’s profile can be removed from the publication, the right of messaging can be restricted, completely blocked or the membership can be canceled completely. In such a case, although Yuyyu has no responsibility, the right of recourse to the member is reserved against any damages that Yuyyu may incur.

4.15. The member may not send, post or forward messages to other members that contain any information, software or material that contains advertising or commercial purposes or that directs other members to another website; cannot make any demands or advertising activities, such as buying or selling any products from other members; cannot establish “e-mail chains” for members for this purpose; cannot send “spam emails”. Such messages may restrict the member’s right to message or cancel their membership. In this context, Yuyyu reserves the right to take legal action if an unauthorized use situation is detected.
Each member accepts and declares that all rights of the pictures, texts, audiovisual images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists on Yuyyu are reserved. The member accepts and undertakes that he will not reproduce, copy, distribute, process these materials, whose rights are reserved, and will not compete directly and/or indirectly with Yuyyu, either by these actions or by other means. Yuyyu cannot be held responsible in any way, directly and/or indirectly, for the damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties due to the activities of the members on the site in violation of the provisions of this Agreement and the law.
The member can cancel his membership at any time by clicking the “Delete Account” link in the settings section. However, even if the membership is canceled in Premium memberships, the membership fee is not refunded.
Site membership is an individual membership and cannot be used by companies and/or businesses for any commercial or another purpo, cannot be transferred to third parties or loaned. In case of detection of this situation, the membership of the Member will be canceled. Yuyyu cannot be held responsible for the consequences that may arise due to the cancellation of the membership. In order not to interrupt the subscription in payments made by credit card of the Premium Membership package, the purchased package will be automatically renewed when its term expires. The current status of thautomatic payment is presented to the member in the “Settings” section of the Site. If the member does not want a renewal or wants to perform the renewal process himself at the end of the period, he will be able to turn off the “automatic payment” option on the site. The automatic payment process only covers payments made by credit card and in-app payment and is activated with the first valid membership purchase. The member has the right to turn off this automatic transaction at his own request from the “Settings” section of the Site.
Yuyyu Premium Membership sales transaction provides services under the heading (ğ) within the scope of the right of withdrawal exceptions defined in Article 15 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts. In addition, app.Yuyyu.com, to the member who purchased a 6-month or 12-month Premium membership by money order or credit card, but was not satisfied with the site and requested a refund; taking into account the date of the request for a refund, half of the remaining money is refunded. Each member can benefit from this right only once. No refunds will be made for subscriptions purchased other than this.


Yuyyu, the ability to change the services and content offered on the site at any time; reserves the right to close and delete the information, content, and member profiles uploaded by the members to the system which do not comply with the conditions specified in this Agreement, to the access of third parties, including the members. Yuyyu can use this right without giving any notice and without giving any time. Members must fulfill the changes and/or corrections requested by Yuyyu as soon as possible. If deemed necessary, changes and/or correction requests requested by Yuyyu can be made by Yuyyu himself. The damages, legal and penal responsibilities that arise or may arise due to not fulfilling the change and/or correction requests requested by Yuyyu by the members on time belong entirely to the members themselves.
Yuyyu has no responsibility for the portals, websites, files, and content accessed through the redirects (link, banner) on the site, the services or products offered from the portals or websites accessed through these links, or their content.
Yuyyu can remove the messages and content that are contrary to the operation of the site, general rules, and general morals and cannot be accepted by the site, at any time and in any way; Yuyyu may terminate the membership of the member who has entered this message and content without any notice. The member is obliged to indemnify Yuyyu for any damages that may be incurred due to the unethical and unlawful content uploaded to Yuyyu.
There may be interruptions in the communication between the Site and the Members and the Members themselves due to technical problems such as any error, negligence, interruption, deletion, corruption, delay in transmission, or communication network failure caused or not caused by the Site. Yuyyu cannot be held responsible for the problems that the Member will experience in the interruptions of communication and access to the Site due to these interruptions.
Through application download and purchase platforms such as Yuyyu, App Store, Google Play, and Windows App Store; In cases where the member wishes to cancel the Premium membership package or Yuyyu Credit purchase, in the Premium Membership charged by these platforms and in the “Yuyyu Credit” sales, which allows the members to benefit from the privileges (message prioritization, being prominent in the Leaderboard section, etc.) It has no connection with the Site, and the Site cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions and problems experienced in the return process. Likewise, Yuyyu is responsible for any material, moral, indirect, or direct damages of third parties in connection with these services and applications and/or arising from these services and applications. For the losses incurred by the member or resulting from delays while canceling the Premium membership or Yuyyu Credit purchase transaction, the addressee is the platforms mentioned above where the purchaser is made. Yuyyu will not be held responsible in any way for any disputes that may arise regarding these issues.

All kinds of images, texts, photographs and other materials published on the Site and in Member profiles cannot be published on other internet sites and in conventional channels such as newspapers, television, radio, and magazines without Yuyyu’s permission. All the content on the Site, which is the seventh clause of the fourth article of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, “Databases in a tool or in another form, which are the result of the selection and compilation of data and materials for a certain purpose and within a special plan”. The content in the nature of work is also subject to legal protection.


Yuyyu shall not be liable for any material, moral, indirect, or direct damages arising from and/or in connection with these services and applications of the members or the third parties that the members are in contact with due to the services provided and/or the applications on the site, as well as the members’ unlawful acts and practices. cannot be held legally or criminally responsible for their actions.


By becoming a member of Yuyyu and by approving this Agreement, the Member is prohibited from moral rights on all kinds of pictures and images uploaded to the Site for publication on the Site and which are considered works within the scope of FSEK: public offering, mentioning the name and making changes in the work. the authority to exercise the rights to do so; from its financial rights: all kinds of television, including analog or digital, wired or wireless broadcasting, terrestrial, cable, satellite or internet broadcasting and VOD (Video on Demand), IP TV, Free TV applications in the country or abroad; any type of radio broadcasting digitally, over the Internet or by radio frequency; mobile/mobile phone including video sharing and video broadcasting sites and social networking sites and all channels that can be created on them, internet, GSM, 3G, SMS, MMS, Logo applications; Broadcasting/transmitting to the public and re-transmitting in channels intended for broadcasting/public broadcasting, using existing and future techniques, including any analogue or digital application in these channels; fictional or documentary film, short film, skit, internet program, television program, radio program, advertisement and promotion scenario and application, channels and/or pages on internet social networking sites, all kinds of web sites, television, radio, VOD, IP Processing, including the creation of the names and contents of channels in other channels, including TV, GSM, 3G, SMS, MMS, Logo channels, and/or the names and contents of the programs to be broadcast on these channels, and their translation into all languages; and their rights to represent in all kinds of public media, including TV screen, radio and internet, in the country or abroad; It accepts, declares and undertakes that it does not exclusively, unlimitedly, unconditionally, free of charge and irrevocably, in terms of time, place and number, to RISETIME TEKNOLOJİ YAZILIM REKLAM EĞİTİM VE DANIŞMANLIK LIMITED ŞİRKETİ.
By becoming a member of Yuyyu and approving this Agreement, the member uploads all kinds of content (including but not limited to text, drawings, graphics, comments, and picture definitions for the profile page), personal characteristics, and general information) approves its use by RISETIME TEKNOLOJİ YAZILIM REKLAM EĞİTİM VE DANIŞMANLIK LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ.

All elements of the Site, including but not limited to the design, text, image, HTML code, and other codes (hereinafter referred to as “Yuyyu’s copyrighted works”) belong to Yuyyu. Members may not resell, share, distribute, or display Yuyyu services and Yuyyu’s copyrighted works, or allow anyone else to access or use Yuyyu services. Otherwise, the Member will be liable to cover the amount of compensation requested from Yuyyu due to the damages incurred, including court costs and attorney fees. Members may not reproduce, distribute, or make or prepare derivative works of Yuyyu’s copyrighted works.
Yuyyu’s copyrighted works, Yuyyu trademarks, Yuyyu commercial appearance, or all kinds of material and intellectual property rights, including all material and intellectual property rights, all rights in real and personal rights, commercial information, and know-how are reserved.


In all cases that are legally considered force majeure, Yuyyu is not liable for the late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its acts specified in this contract. These and similar situations will not be deemed as delay, incomplete performance or non-performance, or default for Yuyyu, or no compensation can be claimed from Yuyyu for these situations. The term “force majeure” includes, but is not limited to, natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages, and bad weather conditions beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party and despite Yuyyu’s due diligence. will be interpreted as unavoidable events that cannot be prevented.


Turkish Law shall be applied in the implementation and interpretation of this Agreement and the management of legal relations arising within this Agreement. Konya Courts and Execution Offices are authorized the settlement all kinds of disputes that arise or may arise due to this contract.


This agreement will remain in effect until the membership of the member is canceled or the member resigns from membership and will continue to have its provisions and consequences between the parties. With the expiration of the premium membership, the standard memberships of the members will continue.
Yuyyu may terminate the contract unilaterally in the event that members violate the provisions of this agreement and similar rules regarding use, membership, and services on the site, and the members will be obliged to compensate all losses incurred by Yuyyu due to termination.