Yuyyu is a dating application that you can use for free. When you register for the application, you can meet people and make friends with 100 credits worth $ 5 that we give you. Although Yuyyu is a dating application that you can use for free, you can get additional features with premium.


With additional features, you can have a better experience within the app.

With Premium, you will be able to see people who like you. In this way, you will be able to like people who like you and you will be able to match faster. So you can start a conversation and become friends.

When you first register to your profile, you can add 3 photos. But with premium, you can make your profile more interesting by adding 6 photos.

If you want to know whether the other party has read your messages after you start messaging after you match with someone, you can choose the premium feature. And of course, premium users are offered the ability to turn off ads.

In the application, you swipe the profiles you like to the right and the ones you don’t like to the left. If you accidentally swipe left on the person you want to like, or if you want to look at the previous profile again, you can go back to the previous profile if you go premium.

Yuyyu - Discover premium features
Yuyyu- A new experience with Premium

15 credits are spent when sending a photo to the other party while messaging in the Yuyyu app. With Yuyyu Premium, you can make sending photos free. Yuyyu Premium has three different packages 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months. Thanks to Yuyyu Premium, you can both increase your match rate and have a better experience.

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